Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our Christmas (#2)

So for our Christmas, we actually were home.  We both had off on the 24th so we decided to have some fun with Avery and head out on the town to look at the tall buildings and have lunch out.

I think Avery did a pretty good job with her outfit.
In uptown they had a display of mechanical bears singing and playing Christmas songs.  There were a ton of families watching including us.  However Avery was more excited about the escalators and elevators so we ended up just walking around in search of those to ride up and down.
 When we go home we let her open one present from us.
 Intense focus.
 The result after her bath.
 The next morning we actually didn't have to wake her up to get her up and going.  Take a look at that face and that hair.  She was pretty excited to meet Santa.  We kept on telling her before Christmas that Santa was going to come and leave her presents.  I think she thought Santa was going to stick around and watch her open them.  She was kind of disappointed that he wasn't there when she went around the corner.
She was pretty excited about her telescope and her presents wrapped in Ariel wrapping paper.

 Opening her presents.
 Showing off her Disney bracelet!

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