Sunday, January 18, 2015


What happens when you take the happiest person in the world to the happiest place in the world?  We took a lot of pictures, but so many of them were so good from her smiling ear to ear that I will have to post a bunch of them.

First up was the journey...  She was pretty excited to get on the bus at the airport.  She had been bouncing off the walls all week and now she was finally on her way.

I thought she would be pretty excited about seeing all the airplanes at the airport, but wouldn't sit still and look at them very long.
Overall, the flight went pretty well and she traveled pretty well.
Once we got to Disney we had to have a doctor come and visit us in the hotel room because she wasn't feeling well.  She rebounded pretty well after getting some medicine in her and we were off.  The hotel we were staying at we would take a boat to the Magic Kingdom, so it made for an adventure each day getting to the parks.
 The first stop was to meet her favorite princess of all.
Ariel!!!!  Everytime she met the princesses, she was pretty quiet and amazed.
 Big smiles for her favorite princess.
Next up, riding Dumbo as a family.
 I think she was having a good time, despite being a little under the weather.
Then we did the Winnie the pooh ride as a warm up for dinner.
 As well as a trip on the Carousel.

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