Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Disney Day 2

Day 2 at Disney started with breakfast with Disney Junior characters at Hollywood Studios.  Avery was pretty stoked to meet the cartoons that she watches in the few moments that she is not watching The Little Mermaid related programming.

Sophia the First!
 Thumbs up for Manny!
 She let Doc McStuffins check her out.
 And Lily's favorite cartoon, Jake from the Neverland Pirates.
 During the breakfast they would have dance and sing alongs.  We were sitting up front so Avery had no problems getting involved.
 Ear to Ear grins...

Hollywood Studios doesn't have a lot of rides that are kid friendly, but has a lot of shows that Avery loved.  First up, "The Little Mermaid" show...
 A "Frozen" sing-along show...  The funniest part was when they started the sing along for "Let it Go" the host said, "Dads, this one is for you..."
Where it snowed on us at the end.
 A Disney Junior puppet show...
 Avery using her telescope to help Jake look for Captain Hook.
 Then a Beauty and the Beast musical...

Throughout the shows, this was the look on Avery's face.  She was pretty much blown away and speechless at everything.
Avery and me going on the Toy Story ride!

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