Monday, January 26, 2015

Disney Day 5

For Disney day 5, we went back to the Magic Kingdom.  

First up the kid's size roller coaster that we did 3 times in a row, since we were the only ones there.  They didn't even make us get up out of the roller coaster and walk around.
 She was pretty excited that morning.
 Riding Dumbo with Mommy.
 An action shot.
We hadn't explored Tomorrowland much so we headed that way and got to drive cars.  This is the one ride that I remember from when I was a kid.  Pa took me and David on the ride and I got to go by myself.  I remember that I could either see over the steering wheel or reach the gas pedal, but not both.  Avery could barely see over the steering wheel so she took Laura on a rough ride.
 Preparing to hit the rail in the center for the 100th time.
This may be the best picture of the entire trip.  Avery in full happiness, while Laura and I look on enjoying Avery.  Avery was pretty excited to fly the rocket ship as that is her backup career choice if being an airplane pilot doesn't work out.
 We went on the Tomorrow land people mover which was great...  Avery thought it was a roller coaster and we got to put our feet up.
Riding on the Jungle cruise.
 Oh we did the Ariel "Under the Sea" Ride again today too!
 Did I mention it was her favorite after the roller coaster?
 Which is what we did next!
 And then we did the big roller coaster.  Avery just barely qualified for this one due to her height, and Mommy got a great picture of us dropping in.
 Ear to ear grins after the ride.
 We also did the Carousel between rides again.
 This is where they park the strollers for a few of the rides.  Outside of every ride there was stroller parking and a Disney employee in charge of keeping them straight and tight.  Some even had valet where you would drop them off and they would park them for you.
 We did the Ariel ride again?!?!!  And we did the picture in front of the ride again!??!
 Did I mention we did the Ariel ride?  I think it was in both of our dreams that night after doing it so many time over the 5 days.  I think Laura was hitting her limit with it, but Avery was no where close.

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