Thursday, July 5, 2018

Other May Stuff

Whoops... I got behind again.  It's going to happen.

We celebrated mothers day at Shake Shack along with 1000's of our fellow neighbors.  The kids were super patient waiting for their food.   The promise of a milkshake probably helped.

We also went up to the lake to celebrate Mother's day and eat pizza with the Rotmans. 

Avery finished up her year of dance with another trophy.

She also had a couple of dress rehearsals for her tap routine and her hip-hop routine.

Avery and her BFF Lilly were in hip-hop together.  (The video will come soon as they mail it to us)

We also went to Carowinds (big surprise...) with the Giorgi's.  Here the kids are all making silly faces.  Or maybe that's just what they normally look like.

The little ones were super cute on all the little kids rides.

The big ones of course had the most fun on the big roller coasters.  Avery was a pro and helped Easton get excited about the big ones. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Weekend in Vass

Rob had to go to California for work (and it included the weekend) so I took the kids to Vass.  It was the opening weekend for strawberry pickin' and Spring Fest in downtown Southern Pines so it was perfect timing!  We also brought Aunt Stephanie a load of baby things, including the changing table (hint, hint Carter) and Uncle Joe fixed us a nice dinner (he's the only one not pictured, sorry!)

The kids were pro pickers

And pro eaters (the owners said to eat all we could before the weigh in)

Mimi with her big girls!

Jude had to go to a friend's birthday party so we grabbed Papa and headed to Spring Fest.  There were lots of street vendors selling food, crafts, art, porch swings, carnival rides, everything!

Ice cream break in the shade

Carter thought this motorcycle was pretty cool and he is pretty cool so someone should surely take his photo with it. (He posed all on his own).

Family photo on the bench

On Sunday, the weather was cooler, but perfect for riding Bucky.  The kids took turns walking around the farm while Bucky tried to eat all the grass outside the fence.

That's a wrap on our weekend in Vass.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

April Stuff

June is almost upon us, so it's time to post pictures from April.  First up was Carter's birthday.  He actually slept thru the night and we had to wake him up in the morning.  He was pretty excited about all the balloons outside of his room.

He got cupcakes for snack at school and got to be the center of attention.

Next up, Gigi and Ru joined us for some pizza!

And Gigi made him a Gecko cake!

Gecko and Owlette saving the night!  (It's one of his favorite shows, PJ Masks)  Avery loves to help him pretend to save things, although I typically have to play one of the evil villains and get punched.

We also took a trip to the zoo with the Heisingers for Carter's birthday.

The kids had a fun time running around and seeing the animals.

The kids also joined a neighborhood watch type program riding the streets and keeping everyone safe.

 I love the look on Carter's face, focusing so hard on hitting the apex of his turn at 0.5 mph.

Carter also continued his work as a fashion icon.  I fully expect this to be what you see out on the PGA tour in 3 years or so.

 And of course, we took a trip to Carowinds.  This was just daddy-daughter to ride the big rollercoasters.

Friday, May 11, 2018

March Stuff Part 2

We did so much in March, I had to break it into 2 posts.  I would have done 10 posts, but I didn't.  

After Avery's birthday, Carowinds had their opening night so we headed there to check out the action.

The kids had a blast on the new playground Carowinds added.  It was quite the zoo and it was interesting to watch Avery try and protect her little brother from the mob of crazy kids.
Down the slide!

 About to get scrambled!  Carter has the funniest laugh on these rides, just cackling the entire time like an evil genius.

Family ride!  (Actually they said we couldn't ride 4 people at a time despite telling us that it was ok, so we had to separate.)

Then mommy took Carter home and Avery and I rode some big kid rides, now that she is a couple inches taller.

Fun night with my Boogie Bear!

Then Avery had her birthday party.  She said she wanted her two best friends to go with her to the Build a Bear...  You thought I was going to say walk around and talk to boys. 

Hunter, Lilly, and Avery making their bears.

 Easter weekend was quite busy as well.  There was no school on Friday, but we both had to work.  I took some time off and took both of the kids to Carowinds by myself. 

Riding all the new little kid rides!
Family fun!

That weekend Lily had her birthday party on Saturday.  They both ended up wearing tiedye shirts...

Carter was all about those cupcakes.

 They had a trampoline and a fire pit to do marshmallows...  Carter was pretty occupied.  Where did his shoes go....

 Then on Sunday, we ended up going to the zoo with the Heisenger's.

The kids were pretty into it.  Other than the walking.

There's an animal out there somewhere!