Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Month of Jude

So it seems that 90% of the pictures from the month of May include Jude, so he will get his own post.

We invited the Heisinger's to Charlotte one weekend to go to Carowinds for Jude's birthday.
I think he was nervous about the rides at first, but he couldn't let Avery out do him and they both had a lot of fun on all the rides.

Carter was along for the ride as well...
 The whole gang!

Then the next weekend, Laura took the kids to Vass for Jude's other birthday party at the farm.  They rented a big waterslide that the kids (and adults) loved.  Carter ended up being the first one to climb it and go down it even before he had his bathing suit on.  The smile on his face in this picture says it all.

 Best cousins!

Laura said she had to drag them off of this thing because they kept running up and sliding down.

Avery was the only girl that Jude invited and was able to hang with the older boys the entire time.

Happy 9th birthday to Jude!

The next day it was time for some horsing around, so they headed over to see Vega and Bucky.  Carter checking out the bigger horses with Uncle Joe, then deciding that he wanted a closer look.
Of course Carter had to do all the stuff the big kids did like climb the hill and play in the dirt.

Avery getting Bucky ready for a ride with her little brother.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Random April Pics plus Carowinds

Here are a few random pics from April as well as a Daddy/Daughter day at Carowinds.

This nut.

Carter watching his garbage truck videos on youtube.  Literally videos of garbage trucks picking up garbage.  He got a garbage truck for his birthday that he spends a great deal of time with pretending to pick up the trash and dipping it into the top.
So here is a story.  Carter was sick one friday, so I had to go pick him up from school.  He didn't seem that bad, so I stopped off at Bagel Bin to grab a sandwich before a long afternoon of cartoons.  We walk in and right before I order, he decides to throw up.  Not just a little bit, but seemingly everything he has eaten that month.  We run out, strip down to his diaper and me to my shorts in the parking lot.  Luckily, I had a garbage bag in the trunk of my car for some reason.  Not 30 seconds after being in the car, he was out.
So after I spent the day with a sick baby, Laura let me take Avery to Carowinds the next day.
We had fun not throwing up on each other.
Avery doing a roller coaster on her own.
She is digging the Plants vs Zombies game.  She gets better every time.

A fun day was had by all.  Well maybe not Laura, who had a sick Carter, but me and boogie had a blast.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Easter at the Farm

For Easter this year, we headed down to Vass for Easter with the Gibsons.  First up was a easter egg hung with Jude and the neighbors.

Doing a little egg coloring.  If you have ever met Carter, you understand why his shirt is off.

Then it was time for a trip over to Aunt Stephanie's where Bucky was grazing for a ride.

First the kids had to brush him and get him ready for a saddle.

This was Carter's first time riding Bucky.  Previously he would brush Bucky, but never wanted to get on.  He was pretty excited about it all week that he was going to ride Bucky and did a good job.  He didn't stay on too long, but seeing the horses in our backyard more frequently started to warm him up to the idea.

Lighting some Chinese lanterns that night.
 Overnight, the Easter Bunny left some things on the front porch for the kids.  Luckily no dogs go into the chocolate.  Carter was pretty stoked about his Elmo.

 The kids also painted a birdhouse.  Carter's style was very hands on and abstract.

As expected, Avery's style was a bit more precise and in between the lines...
Bonus easter egg hunt.  We had to give Carter a 5 minute head start because Avery and Jude were way too fast for him.  Carter would just chase after them and not end up with anything.  On his own he was a pretty good hunter.
Counting up the bounty.  

 At the end of the weekend, we had 2 tired kids...

Friday, May 5, 2017

Birthday Trip

So after a good month break from the blog (thanks to a non-sleeping 2 year old that is currently sitting on my lap at 6:30am as I write this...) we are back!

First up is a trip to Greatwolf Lodge.  We offered Avery the opportunity to go to Great Wolf Lodge instead of having a birthday party and she was excited for it.  Knowing that her BFF Lily was planning on doing the same thing and that her cousin Jude was planning on coming as well sealed the deal.  Carter didn't know what he was signing up, but ended up loving it.  For those that don't know, Greatwolf Lodge is a hotel and indoor waterpark.  There are other things to do, but as much as our kids love the water, we didn't leave the side of the pool.

6 years old!!!!!
Carter had a blast in the kids waterpark.  He went up those stairs and down a slide on the other side at least 400 times.  Literally.  He was in that pool from 2pm to 8pm with a couple of small breaks for pizza.  Needless to say, he went down pretty easy that night.  He didn't stay down and ended up in our bed, but that is how it has been the last 2 months.

Avery had a blast running around with Lily and Jude doing all the waterslides and the wave pool.  The slides were pretty awesome, but for some reason Avery's favorite was the wave pool.  I think she just misses the beach.  She also went down like a rock at night.
Carter ended up feeling bad the next morning, so Laura got some tired baby snuggles.

The kids had so much fun in the pool on the first night, we ended up having the birthday cakes and presents for breakfast the next morning.  
The two birthday nuts...
A whole pack of wolves...