Monday, January 19, 2015

More Disney!

Day 1 continued with a trip to what would be her second favorite ride, "Under the Sea, A Journey with Ariel".  She obviously was pretty excited about going on it despite not knowing what it would be other than the "Ariel Ride."
 The first trip through the ride was pretty much just wide-eyed, open mouth amazement.
 After doing a few more rides it was time to head to dinner near the castle.  They were performing a show on the steps, so Avery stopped and watched in amazement.
 Dinner was with the characters of Winne the Pooh.  Avery was a bit shy with them, but warmed up quite a bit over our visit.
 Winnie the pooh!
 And Tigger!!
 She also carried around a princess autograph book that she got all of the characters to sign.  She thought it was so funny when they would sign them.
 And piglet!
 Big smiles for all the characters...
One the way out we stopped to watch one of the parades.
She was dead tired, but kept on going like a champ.

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