Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine Playdate

Avery's class last year was split up according to birthdays and her friend Hunter moved to a different class.  However, the girls usually get together on the playground so they have kept in touch.  Last Saturday, Hunter had Lily and Avery over to her house.  Her mom had crafts ready for the girls, but they were not in the mood for "structured activities".  A pillow pile-up was way more fun.

 You can just the legs and feet of Lily and Avery before they bust out of the pile up below!  Also note that first on the agenda was to raid the dress-up trunk.  Lily and Avery kept their princess dress on the whole time.  The only way I could get Avery to take it off before we left was to assure her we had at home she could wear for the rest of the day (and she did).

A little bubble time on our way out.  We needed something to ease the pain of departure ;)

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