Friday, February 13, 2015

A week with Daddy

Laura was traveling this week, so I got a week with Avery by myself.  

Getting her dressed was a bit of a chore getting things to match.  We apparently have 1000's of cute shirts, but no matching pants as this child refuses to wear jeans.  Thankfully you can always say "She picked out her own clothes so...."  We also wore a plastic Ariel tiara all week which helped cover up the fact that I don't know how to fix her hair.  One of the teachers took pity on me and fixed it on Thursday.
Me and my happy toddler on the way to school.
 We also did another round of swimming.  It did not go well.  She was excited in the beginning, but as soon as she saw kids going underwater, she got scared again.  The teacher did a good job calming her down and getting her to participate, but it was sad to see.  Her class was at 7pm on a Monday as that is the only time we can get home and her to the pool without messing up dinner time, so I think a big part of it is her being tired.  7 pm is when we start the bath and bedtime routine, so asking her to go swimming might be a bit much.
Saddest thumbs up ever...She eventually rallied to do better, but it was a tough time.

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