Monday, February 2, 2015

Avery had the flu (??)

Avery woke up early last Sunday with a fever and a headache.  She was so pitiful!  With the flu going around town, I knew we needed to go see the doctor.  Sure enough, after sticking a swab way further up her nose than I ever thought possible, it was confirmed, she had the flu.  Daddy picked up her meds and called in nurse Gigi.  Unfortunately, Robert had big meetings at work and I was flying to Ohio so we couldn't stay home with our pitiful patient.

However, seeing Gigi perked her right up (I guess the Tamiflu helped too) and she had some pretty fun "sick days" at home.

Introducing Chef Avery!  She cooks, eats, and washes dishes (unless her parents are around).

One of Gigi's specialties is sweet rolls (like a cinnamon-raisin bun) and Avery got to help make a batch (as seen above).  The following weekend, she and I went to the grocery store and Avery asked if we could make more sweet rolls.  She explained to me that it was quite easy, I just had to buy cinnamon, raisins, and bread; and follow the recipe in Gigi's book.  It didn't matter that I don't have the dough or starter to make the dough.... I think I'm gonna need a "Laura-proof" version of sweet rolls because Avery is hooked!

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