Thursday, February 19, 2015

Random Updates

February seems to be flying by!  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that our world is changing forever in about 6 to 8 weeks :)
The winter months are usually the slowest, but we've managed to keep busy.

 Before we watched the Super Bowl at the Ferguson's house, we had a play date with Lily at her house.  This is the only still moment I was able to capture.  We also went out to lunch because our play dates usually run into a meal time and mama's got to eat! 

 The next weekend we took a day trip to Taylorsville to see Nanny, Paw, and Grandma Marshall.  Avery insisted on taking her ear muffs and Ariel doll.  Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures while we were there, but it was a great visit!

Avery had a Valentine party at school on Friday the 13th.  She is dressed the part with her sparkle heart sweater, necklace and tiara.  She came home with several sweet treats to share with mommy and daddy.

The past few weekends, the 3 of us have gone out to lunch and stopped at Avery's favorite place on the way home -- PUBLIX!  She always some combination of a cookie, balloon, sticker, and of course her own buggie.  She insists on putting her items (and the apples for Daddy) in her cart and she unloads them on the checkout conveyor.

Watching NC State basketball and "sharing" those V-day treats.

And here's one of me and baby Spaghetti :)

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