Thursday, March 31, 2016

Other Stuff

Now that we are caught up on Avery's birthday week, here are some random photos before we jump off into Carters upcoming birthday week.

Since carter is getting bigger and bigger, we have started to do some baths with them in the same tub.  Avery loves entertaining her little brother and the entertainment keeps Carter from trying to climb the shower curtain, so win-win?  Bubble baths are especially popular as Avery loves to decorate Carter with bubble hair.

As you can see, the both have a lot of fun.

Carter loves to climb things.  Here he is tackling the stairs one evening after we left the baby gate open.  We won't make that mistake again.

 We also got a swingset in the backyard for both of the kids birthdays this past week.  So far it has been a hit.  Avery even went out there and played on it for about 30 mins all by herself as I was cooking (I can see it from the kitchen).
 Little man loves it!

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