Thursday, March 24, 2016

Birthday Party Part 2

So after the party with the friends at the cupcake store, we headed back to the house for more cake and more presents and more fun with the family.

Avery and the awesome Minion cake that Gigi made.
Most of the presents were minion themed this year and Avery was very much spoiled by her family.
Carter had a blast helping Avery unwrap everything.
Avery's birthday usually is the first day that we can get outside and play and this year was no different.  She was given a kite and we had to take it out for a spin, which consisted of us doing sprints up and down the hill trying unsuccessfully to get it to stay in the air.
Avery in full sprint getting ready for another kite run.
Jude taking a shot at it and nearly taking my head off.
Aunt Stephanie did a great job keeping Carter from eating all the grass and mulch (even though he tried to taste everything).

Avery also got a jump rope.  This may appear to be a great action shot, but she is still learning.  It was more of a throw the rope over your head, pause, jump over, pause, and throw it over again.
Singing Happy Birthday a second time.

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