Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Swim Update

Lessons are much happier these days.  Everyone said she would start to enjoy it after the first few times and that has held true for us.  We moved to Thursday night to get an earlier time because 7 was just too close to bedtime.  She is excited about going and loves to see her Mommy and especially Daddy watching from behind the glass wall.  Now she has 2 boys in her class that just started and they are going through the same pains that Avery did in the beginning.

Notice one of the boys attached to the coach's back while Avery gets her floating skills on.

I'm sure Avery is about to go under water here and she's ok with it!

Here she is coming up with the ring from the coach's foot.

When class is over, they walk over to the shower area for a quick rinse off.  I assume the coach tells them to follow the white line around the pool because Avery makes sure every step she takes is exactly on the line.  Our little rule follower is so cute! (Now why doesn't she follow my rules like that?)

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