Monday, March 30, 2015

Lily's birthday

BFF Lily's birthday is 2 weeks after Avery's.  She is really into pirates!  Avery can sing the whole theme song to the cartoon "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" because Lily taught her.  Avery doesn't watch the show at all, but they "play pirates" at school on the playground.  They also play Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty so it sounds like a fair deal.  I have no idea what "playing" any of these means, but I guess they have fun.

Lily often comes to school with her pirate gear on as you can see from the photo collage.  Her cake was made by the same lady that did Avery's mermaid cake.  This cake, however is vegan.  Avery and I both had a piece - it was pretty good!

To be only 2 weeks apart in age, Lily is much taller than Avery.  You can see in the other photos that Lily and Hunter are both tall (Hunter is 3 months older), but I think Avery is line with other classmates.

The gang had a fun time making pirate hats, treasure bracelets, and treasure maps.


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