Sunday, November 16, 2014

More Football!!! GO WOLFPACK!!!

We may have missed a weekend blog from last week, but I think this one will make up for the absence.  We took some friends to the game last week and told Avery that she could come to the football game this week.  The temps were going to be pretty low and the tailgating was going to interrupt nap time, but we thought her love for NC State football would overcome the obstacles and would have felt bad if we denied her her favorite thing in the world.  

We got her bundled up before the game including this awesome 80's hat from Mimi and Papa.  On the way up to the game we stopped twice; once to get ice and once to get some caffeine.  When I stopped the second time she told Laura, "If we keep stopping, we will never make it to the game!"  When I got back in the car, she said "Daddy, no more stops until we get to the football game!!"
The favorite part of tailgating for Avery is meeting Mr. and Mrs. Wuf and watching the band play before the game.
Giving Mrs. Wuf a hug.  She didn't really want to hug Mr. Wuf.
She struggled to do the wolf sign with her mittens on, but tried her best.
Waiting on the band to start playing.  She kept on asking, "Why are they playing" and "Why won't they play the NC State song?"  At one point she yelled out "GO WOLFPACK!!" and pretty much all of the girl members of the band in unison went "awwww."

Once the band got going, there was a very happy toddler taking it all in.  She said she would play the drums when she was in the band, but preferred to be a cheerleader.
 On daddy's shoulders going in to the game.  As we were walking to the game, she was pulling on Laura's hand and trying to run to the stadium.  I stopped at a porta-jon and Avery was willing to leave me there.  I told her I had the tickets, and she said "DADDY!!! Give us (her and Laura) our tickets, it's time to go to the game!"
At halftime after the band played, she convinced Mommy to take her to the second level so she could see better.  When Laura told her they weren't our seats, she told Laura to go find Daddy to get us some new tickets.
Her good buddy Daniel was there to make her laugh.  She was the life of the section, cheering and clapping the entire game.  The cold didn't bother her much.
In the second half she took off her over coat, because she was hot and wanted to make sure everyone could see her wolf on her jacket.

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