Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dirt or Daisies?

This past weekend we had some family and a couple friends to help us find out if we were going to have a sister or brother for Avery.  When we had Avery, we found out at the doctor's office and it was a bit impersonal; so for this baby we wanted to share the moment with our family and not find out in a dark ultrasound room.  The way we were going to reveal the sex of the baby was to cut into a cake that was dyed pink or blue based on the results of the ultrasound.  We didn't know what was inside because we had the nurse write in an envelope and Laura took it directly to the baker without peeking.  

Sara made us this poster of old wive's tales and what they predicted we would have that was split down the middle.  Based on voting from the audience, there was about a 60/40 split toward boy.  Avery was hoping for an older sister, so she was only going to be half right at best.  

To say that Laura was a bit nervous would be an understatement.  Avery was pretty excited as well, but maybe just that we were having cake.
Laura's reaction is pretty awesome.  I think it is pretty clear that Laura didn't know what she was having.
I love how excited Laura is and how curious Avery was at what it would be.

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  1. That video is awesome!! So excited for you guys to have a needed that to even things up around the house! Oh wait, I forgot about you need another girl about a cat? Mike will let you have one of ours :)