Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So this week while Laura was gone, Avery's day care teacher handed me the below form without saying anything. So I look at it when on the drive home and it appears to be a fundraising thing selling cookies.
I think to myself...what the heck?  Before I get mad and bent out of shape, I decide to ask the assistant principal the next day what it was for.  I mean it could have been for blind kids to go to Niagra falls or a donation to the local animal shelter.  Who can get mad at raising money for a little puppy?  I think Laura should be pretty proud of me not walking back in the next day and setting it on fire in front of the principal to prove a point.
So the next morning I ask what the sheet was for and she said "It's a fundraiser."  I replied "For a for-profit corporation?"  She at this point knew the gig was up based on the way I looked at her and said "You don't have to participate."  I replied, "We will not be participating."  Every bone in my body wanted to tell her if the school needed something, they should take it out of the money that I send them every week ($234.90) or take it out of their profits.  But I bit my tongue.

The next afternoon, I was picking up Avery and another father was there picking up his daughter (imagine that....2 dads on daycare duty....what is this world coming thing you know we will have a female candidate for president).  Anyways....this guy was commenting on how he had almost sold his entire sheet of cookie dough coupons in one day.  I looked at him and asked "Do you know where the money is going to?"  He gave me a look like I had asked him to solve the Riemann hypothesis and said "no, I assume the school."  I said "you know this school is a for-profit corporation held by private equity funds?"  Once again, I got a dumb look.

So the moral of the story is parents are idiots and if you ask them to sell crap "for the good of the kids" they will do it.  And for that Chesterbrook Academy gets a wag of the finger.
Apparently the classroom that sells the most cookies gets a cookie party.  Do they really think that the hope of my infant getting cookies is going to motivate me to sell cookies?  I already have cookies.  Avery loves them.  That's what happens when Laura leaves me alone with her.  Instead of carrots we eat cookies.

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  1. Ohhh Avery's poor future teachers.. ;)

    Shouldn't the "students" be doing the "fundraising"? I suppose this could be more credible if Avery got out there and sold herself some cookies...