Friday, September 16, 2011

6 Months Old

Today was Avery's 6 month birthday and her 6 month doctor's appointment.  Laura did a bang up job scheduling that.  So Boogie's measurements.....

14lbs and 1 oz.  20th percentile
Height 27" 90th percentile (really length, because she doesn't stand vertically yet)
Head 17.25" 80th percentile

As for the actual doctor's appointment.....Avery had an awesome time.  We had just picked her up from school and she had a good nap.  Once we got there, she was the happiest, smiling, talking baby ever.  The doctors couldn't stop laughing at her, because everytime they talked, she would smile, chuckle, and kick her feet.

As you can see below she LOVED the paper that they put out.  She had a blast tearing it up and rolling around in it.  When we would stand her up she would try to grab it with her toes to make it crinkle.

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