Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pool Time

Based on feedback that I have received, I have decided to upload some pictures of Avery not smiling to prove that she is not always smiling.

These pictures are from the pool this weekend.  Avery put on her baby sunglasses but didn't really care either way about them.  Despite her large head, they still don't fit snugly around her.
I love Avery's face in this picture.

 Laura got her this sweet float at some store that sells stuff.  I don't really remember which one, but it isn't material to the story.  Not that there is any story other than Avery has a float that is appropriately sized for a baby of her size.  She seemed to enjoy it kicking her legs under the water and trying to grab the fabric.

Ok......One picture of a happy baby in the pool.


  1. Is that pool part of your neighborhood?

  2. Yes! If you move to NC you can have a neighborhood pool too.