Friday, August 11, 2017


July was also the time of the year for our summer beach trip with some of our college friends and all the kids.  As usual it was a zoo, but a lot of fun.

The whole gang, all looking at the camera at once!

Thanks to Mary's parents, who lent us their house, which also had a pool.  
 It was a life saver as some of the kids who still take naps.  Unfortunately, Carter wasn't always one of those kids.  Here he is pulling a "Carter" and falling asleep at the dinner table, much like the last time he went to the beach.  He just doesn't want to miss out on all the fun.

 Avery had a blast as well and was great on the boogie board.

 The kids had a ton of fun playing with each other.  Having 8 kids in the house usually meant that there was someone else to play with when they had to be separated for whatever reason.  Like the second picture below, where on an empty beach Carter and Avery were fighting over a 1 square foot pile of sand.

Avery and Carter resolving their differences with the help of Easton.

 The best thing about being at the beach for this kid might be 3 times a week garbage service.  This dude loves big trucks, especially garbage trucks.

 Chasing birds was pretty cool too.  Trying our best to wear him out so he would take a nap and sleep thru the night.  (It didn't work)

 Sara Jane brought a glitter tatoo kit for the kids.  Carter got a puppy dog and Avery got a couple of things.  Carter was sooooo proud of his dog and was the first thing he did when he went back to school was to roll up his sleeve and show all his friends his tatoo.

 A great time at the beach and we can't wait for our next trip!

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