Sunday, May 7, 2017

Easter at the Farm

For Easter this year, we headed down to Vass for Easter with the Gibsons.  First up was a easter egg hung with Jude and the neighbors.

Doing a little egg coloring.  If you have ever met Carter, you understand why his shirt is off.

Then it was time for a trip over to Aunt Stephanie's where Bucky was grazing for a ride.

First the kids had to brush him and get him ready for a saddle.

This was Carter's first time riding Bucky.  Previously he would brush Bucky, but never wanted to get on.  He was pretty excited about it all week that he was going to ride Bucky and did a good job.  He didn't stay on too long, but seeing the horses in our backyard more frequently started to warm him up to the idea.

Lighting some Chinese lanterns that night.
 Overnight, the Easter Bunny left some things on the front porch for the kids.  Luckily no dogs go into the chocolate.  Carter was pretty stoked about his Elmo.

 The kids also painted a birdhouse.  Carter's style was very hands on and abstract.

As expected, Avery's style was a bit more precise and in between the lines...
Bonus easter egg hunt.  We had to give Carter a 5 minute head start because Avery and Jude were way too fast for him.  Carter would just chase after them and not end up with anything.  On his own he was a pretty good hunter.
Counting up the bounty.  

 At the end of the weekend, we had 2 tired kids...

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