Wednesday, December 14, 2016


So Sara caught the blogging fever and caught up for 3 months of blogs and ran ahead of us, but I know all 6 people that read our blog appreciate that we run a few weeks behind.  Maybe Laura's phone will start backing up automatically again so we can stay on schedule, but I wouldn't count on it.  So Thanksgiving weekend, we headed up to Greensboro to fry a turkey and have some cousin playtime.

The 3 older kids immediatly loved the fact that a ladder was attached to the bunkbeds and made their way to the top.

We also took a few walks down the construction site at the end of the road.  Carter was fascinated with the equipment and the mess they made.

He would have started it if there were keys.  He tried his best to pull every knob and lever.

Our little turkey princess...

A great dinner was had by all.  Here is a picture of the first of 7 plates of food that I had.  Carter beat me by one plate I think...

Although, Madison didn't see what the big deal was.....Get it?  Because the bow was over her eyes?  She couldn't see.....  Anyways...

Nothing like a hike to burn off some Turkey.

Little kids snack time...

They were funny how they hung out with each other.  Carter kept his eye on Madison the entire time.

Every time he saw her (and as I was typing this blog) he would say "Baby!"

These two were pretty inseparable all weekend.  It is fun to watch them play together.

Best buds.  Anna playing it safe and keeping the helmet on.  Not a bad idea with Carter running around...

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