Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fun Run Update

 Avery's school Fun Run was this past Thursday.  For the week leading up to the big day, she was so pumped about getting pledges and raising money for the school.  The "boosterthon" team that put on the event came by their classroom every morning and gave out prizes to students that got more pledges.  The school provided t-shirts for the run - it's the 10 year anniversary for the school.

That morning on the way to school, Avery had a worried look on her face.  She told me she was nervous about running enough laps "to make a difference for the school".  This is where I must say, Bless her heart!!  Such a special girl.
Parents were invited, but Robert and I couldn't make it.  Fortunately, her bff mom was out there and she snapped some photos for us.

Cutest runner ever!

She's going strong!

Gotta keep hydrated between laps.

Here you can see the tag on their backs where the teachers marked off each lap they ran.

Avery did it!!  35 laps! We really appreciate all the family that supported her.  The whole thing was a great learning experience and a fun way to raise money.  Much better than buying expensive wrapping paper or plastic trinkets right??!

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