Saturday, May 28, 2016

Strawberry Festival

After meeting Madison Leigh, we made a spur of the moment decision to go to the strawberry festival in Fort Mill to see what it was all about.  So did 1000's of other people.

As we were walking in, someone handed us a roll of tickets that they had purchased for the rides and we thought, "That's so nice of them!"  However, when we got in and saw the 1000's of people; we understood why as the lines were so long we couldn't spend them all.

Avery did get to try a few rides including this giant slide.
She also got to meet the Bojangles chicken and the Publix dragon.  She said that the chicken wasn't real, because "He had shoes on under his yellow feet."  We all had a good laugh at that because THAT was the reason he wasn't real.

Since it was a strawberry festival, we might as well eat strawberries...right?

Avery wanted to take her picture with these "Real-Life Princesses"......
Laura took this picture at the top of the fun house that she and Avery went through.  You can pretty much everyone is in a line for either food or a ride.

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