Monday, December 21, 2015

Party at Monkey Joe's

Last Saturday, one member of Avery's trio had a birthday party.  I took Avery to Monkey Joe's while Daddy and Carter stayed home.  He tried some climbing around of his own so he will be ready for these bouncy house parties soon!

We signed in, got our bracelets, and Avery took off.  She was breaking a sweat about 15 minutes in.  The girls would run to one bouncy thing, jump for about 45 seconds and run to another, go down the slide, and run back to the first one, go back to the slide, and repeat for 2 hours.

The BFF trio did take a photo with this guy for a second.

Avery and Abby going down the slide together.

Sat still for a few minutes for pizza and cupcakes.

Avery and the birthday girl, Hunter.

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