Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Surprise Daddy Daughter Super Fun Day

So after Laura had the kids in Vass for the weekend, I decided to take Avery on a super special surprise fun day on the Tuesday after memorial day to Carowinds.  I didn't tell her where we were going other than it was near by and she would have a lot of fun.

As we pulled up to the park, she saw the big roller coasters and said, "Daddy look at those big roller coasters....IS THAT WHERE WE ARE GOING?!?!"  She then started to squeal at the top of her lungs.

This is a picture before we got started.
 Thumbs up for being a pirate.
 And on the kiddie swing thing.
 And excited about flying a plane by herself.
 Her favorite ride by far was this roller coaster.  My little thrill seaker always wanted to wait and ride in the front row.  We probably rode this thing 20 times.
 Front row selfie!!
 We had to do the carousel as well.
 Lunch was an apple and she finally finally tried chicken nuggets for the first time.

After a few more rides on the roller coaster, she said "My Tummy doesn't want to do any more roller coasters." So we headed off for some ice cream on the way to the water park side of Carowinds.  You can see how hot is is just looking at her hair.

We went down the waterslides a few times, but most of the time was just splashing around and cooling off.
 She got a second wind and was bouncing around pretty good.
 When we stopped for a snack by the pool, she said "Daddy, you are good at surprises!"
 On the 15 minute ride home, she seemed to be pretty satisfied with the day...