Saturday, April 11, 2015

Big Sister

The question we get asked most after "How Mommy and Carter is doing?" is "How is Avery liking her new brother?"  So far, she has been in love as much as we have been.  It obviously was a rough start to the new adventure, but Brittany Hunt (Lily's mom) and my mom did a great job taking care of Avery when it all went down.  

This is Avery's face the first time she saw her little brother.  
She didn't get to be too close to him as he was still in the special care nursery, but I think the smile says it all.
Once he made it to our room, Gigi brought her by for a closer look.
And once we were home, Avery did her best to try and help take care of the little guy.  Here she is making faces for him since he was actually awake for a little while.  She makes sure she says good night to him every night and goodbye every day leaving for school.

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