Friday, October 31, 2014

Catching Up

Since I was gone for 10~11 days, me and my favorite person needed to spend some extra time together having fun so this past weekend we did a lot of our favorite things.  On Friday, we walked (I carried) up to the Ardrey Kell football game to watch the football, band, and cheerleaders.

The weather was pretty good for a late October game.
 Avery was pretty happy about the entire thing.  Her favorite part was the bands at halftime.  The visiting team brought their band and they did a lot of dancing which when the AK band came out, Avery asked why they weren't dancing.
 On Saturday, we decided to go to a local carnival; which will take an entire post to describe the awesomeness that Avery had.

On Sunday, we went to Avery's (and mine) favorite restaurant, Vietnam Grille.  We have been there many many times and usually about once a month when it is not football season for a weekend lunch.  We have been going there before Avery was born and many many times since she was born to the point that the staff and owner are excited to see her.
 Each time we are there, the owner sends out something different for Avery to try, because all Avery asks for is rice noodles.  This time he sent some grilled chicken and after some begging, she tried it and was so proud to tell the owner that she tried it and it was really good.  I wonder if he does baby sitting...

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