Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rice Cereal

So apparently you are supposed to feed your children things other than bottles and bacon.  We started this weekend trying to feed Avery rice cereal (it isn't like rice krispie treats at all) mixed with formula.  It really isn't cereal at all.  It is like chunky milk, which you should not feed your baby as a substitute for rice cereal.  It is also a way to get them used to eating out of a spoon.  I am not looking forward to that feeding period at all until they can feed themselves.  At least with a bottle you can do something else while feeding.

This is Avery before it all went down telling Mommy to bring it on.
 First bite.....
 Second bite was a little bit better but not much.........
All in all we can get her to eat about 3 spoons worth before quitting and throwing a fit.  This is going to be fun.    I am not allowed to be around and watch while Mommy feeds her, because Avery will look at me and the camera and goof off rather than focus on her mother and the spoon.  Yay for me!

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